Hold On To What You Believe I, I can’t promise you that I won’t let you down And I, I can’t promise you that I will be the only one around when your hope falls down But we’re young, open flowers in the windy fields of this war-torn world And love, this city breathes the… Read More 249


Radical Face  The Mute Well, as a child I mostly spoke inside my head I had conversations with the clouds, the dogs, the dead And they thought my broken, that my tongue was coated lead But I just couldn’t make my words make sense to them If you only listen with your ears… I can’t… Read More 219


Enter Shikari – Constellations Packing the last few shirts into a bloated suitcase Last glimpse of comfort and the ticking clock face I swear those hands move faster everyday I’m more confused than ever but I don’t beg or pray ‘Cause the sparkling light from the morning sun Is all we should need to feel… Read More 199


The head and the heart – Down in the valley I wish I was a slave to an age-old trade Like ridin’ around on railcars and workin’ long days Lord have mercy on my rough and rowdy ways Call it one drink too many Call it pride of a man But it don’t make no… Read More 193


Of monsters and men – Dirty paws Allá por febrero se convirtió en mi despertador. Y bastante más tarde en esa escena de Walter Mitty en la que desciende montañas en monopatín. Es tan hipnótica y tan fuerte.   Ben Howard – Esmerelda Esta canción me convenció para ir a verle en directo, aunque fuera sola.  … Read More 189


The Naked and Famous – No Way When the daylight comes Do you feel it? Leave your bag of bones Underneath your bed Everything is as It should be I’m leaving now As I should be No way, no way No we’re never gonna talk about it No way, no way No we’re never gonna speak… Read More 178


And you know is going to be a bad day. You hate what you’re thinking. You’re feeling guilty. You’re feeling sad. Nothing that cannot be cured by an evening of retouching and listen to my fav music. And then, they make me feel so much better, just like them. But, they make me cry too…… Read More 170