Just one of those days You’re having a lovely dream when the alarm clock sounds. And you get upset because you never remember your dreams. You can’t wear the clothes you want, to survive in this awful heat because you have to do the laundry. You feel melancholy, sad, tired, lost, without any reason… I… Read More 129


I’m the second choice. I’m the pity. I’m the last in the line. I’m the one who stays. I’m the one who changes. I’m the one who silently cries. I’m the last choice. I’m the loneliness. I’m the funeral. I’m the one who nobody’ll remember. I’m the one who nobody speaks to. I’m the one… Read More 74


I promised myself I didn’t make the next post without photos. This is why I took a long time to post. The pics are from 30th December. And there’s some of my 2012’s resolutions (Do not take it very seriously): Back to being punctual. Buy me a lovely vest and a hat and wear them.… Read More 69


Y cada día me vuelvo a enamorar, como ya dije una vez, de los cantantes y sus letras. El conductor de autobús. Los chicos de la calle. Él, que siempre estuvo ahí. Invisible y mudo y que un día se hace notar. Lo que dice, escribe y hace. Se parece tanto a lo que andas… Read More 59