Write something!

This series started this summer on my birthday party. I bought these magnets and I asked my friends to write something (anything) then I took a pic of them in the pose they chose and later I mounted them all together. :D :D

Herminia (friend), “Hairy adventure Sandwich” It doesn’t mean anything, I think xD

Ángel (cousin), he spent all night taking pics and uploading to Instagram

Mari Luz (cousin’s girlfriend), “A very merry unbirthday” :D

S. Dávila (friend), that night, we had a bottle of Legendario ron xD

Alberto (cousin), “tens of thousands”
When we were in Bilbao during the BBK festival’s days, enjoying a nice lunch in a bank, I took a pic of us and he took an orange in that way and said this, like he was a hostess of a lottery.

David (brother), “I shit on good judgement” and I love his T-shirt :D

JJ (friend), “fucking up fridges since 19…”
Or «Put a verb here “insert anything here” since 19…» This is a quote that we used to say a lot! xD

César (friend), “Pain means you are alive” his favorite quote, I think…

* * * * * *

Sorry for the lack of updates. I have not had much free time. Also, one of my last entries brought me problems and I had no desire to publish anything. But time passes by, things are ok and I have lots of things to show ^^



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