Monday: Go shopping and do not buy anything. Meet with JJ. A nice visit to Fnac to buy some gifts. Eat a delicious ice-cream. Go shopping again to a manga shop. Come home happy because of the nice afternoon

Tuesday: Little nap. Waking up watching the Spanish team of synchronized swimming have won a medal. Get ready to go to the cinema. Watch the preview of Brave. Go for a drink before going home. Come home and can’t get sleep because I’m happy because of the nice afternoon.

Wednesday: Come home and have lunch. Get ready to go to the house of Herminia’s friend, Ana. Swimming-pool. Chat. Delicious pizza for dinner, Ana made it. Can’t watch the basketball match but, watch it on the internet before going to bed.

Thursday: One of those days you want to forget. Spend the afternoon retouching. I missed it.

Friday: Go shopping for a present and almost die because of the horrible heat. Go my parents’ house and enjoy the Spain vs. Russia basketball’s match! A friend’s birthday party. Great dinner in downtown. Nice night with him.

Saturday: Visit some relatives in Guadalajara. Swimming pool, relax, walk, nap. Go for a walk and take some pics of Alber in a great field behind his parents house. Enjoy the sunset and the views. Watch the star shower of every year. Shooting stars and wishes.

Sunday: Relax. Swimming pool. Paella. Barefoot. Sun. Last basketball match of Olympics games, Spain vs. USA. Come back to my parent’s house. Watch the Closing Ceremony of the 2012 Olympics. Watch Muse plays their new song. Happy for the weekend. That’s what I needed.



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