My 2011 in songs (from less to the most important):

30 Seconds to Mars – Hurricane

In 17th December 2010 I went to a concert of 30STM. This song was in my head in the first months.


The Veronicas – Revenge is sweeter (than you ever were)

In march, I came back to my parents’ house. It was an awful month but this song made it a little bit better.


Snow Patrol – Signal Fire

Simply, I LOVE Snow Patrol.


The Hives – Tick tick boom

The song of Dcode Festival 2011. The Hives were the best group of that festival. They were a discovering for me.


Adele – Someone like you


The Naked and Famous – Young blood

The song which cheers me up


Vetusta Morla – Maldita dulzura

“De lo que quieras, pero hablemos… De todo menos del tiempo, que se escurre entre los dedos…” The lyric, is why I love this song.


Coldplay – Life in Techinicolor II

Another song which cheers me up.


The Naked and Famous – Girls like you

Because all the girls have a part of that girl.


Coldplay – Politik

The Coldplay’s song that touched me the most in the concert of 26/10/11.


Vetusta Morla – Los días raros

This song touched me in the deepest part of my heart at the first moment. I wrote about it some months ago.


Happy New year!!!! Happy 2012!!!



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