Portable family

Well, here I am, sorry for absence… But I’m so laaaazy…

They are our little family of gerbils, they’re only  the children, the parent was in their “home”. They’re so cute <3 If you remember they were 9 and in the pic there are 8… One of them, Mulatito, had an horrible accident and died the last friday… It was very hard, we saw him suffer a lot… Hard and very sad…

This cage were bought because of O. wanted to make a labyrinth with it and before do it, I HAD to make some photos like these! I’m going to miss them when they had gone…

The week was fine. In the weekend I spent a great afternoons with O., we were riding with our bikes in the city, playing wii and simply resting… And this week are being a little bit stressing, because of the strike of the drivers of the underground, so I have to do the middle of the way job walking, it makes me wake up earlier, walking for more than half hour and being worried about if I arrive job in time. In other things, I’ve finally decided dye my hair in red! I had a new haircut the last tuesday, so it’ll be a completely new look ^^ Wait for the pics!



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