Week 23

I realise that I changed so much in the last months, perhaps the last year… I’m a little more sociable but my “don’t tell any about yourself, just speak about the other’s life” is still with me, this is something doesn’t disappear today or tomorrow…

Also I realised that I’m developing an obsessive feeling of love-hate about death and all the things that go with it… All the films, series, book I watch and read are about life and death, alives and deads, ghost and people catching ghost… All the things are supernatural and almost of them humoruos or sarcastic, in the last months my life was surrounding of imaginative and fantastic things about death. Has my inspiration decreased while death things of my life have increased? Should I be concerned? Hahaha…

Well, I know I wrote it in another post, but… please, tell me some groups of music to listen, music that deserves my edition’s hours.



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