Time passes so fast…

In the last post I wrote that the four photoshoot I had were cancelled. Bad luck, bad luck, bad luck, and so on. Unmotivated and sick of selfportraits. I need a great photoshoot to revive myself…

In the last two weeks I spent much time playing videogames and watching series. Dexter, the best series ever, and Lost, which end was worse than I hoped… Very disappointing, too much time wasted watching episodes and waiting for an tremendous and epic end…
Anyway, I’m watching other series right now: True Blood, Heroes, Pushing Daisies, re-watching Dead like me…. I’m the girl of the series :D

I bought a bike the last saturday! I’m very excited… Since a lot of years I didn’t ride… I feel very noob and clumsy. But I’ve always loved ride a bike Madrid isn’t city for bikes, too many cars make the city dangerous to cyclist, however Madrid has lots of route specially for bikes in parks or a little far of downtown. I’ll planned a day to ride some of them when my bf has his bike.

Nothing more to say, just hope I feel much motivated next days…



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